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You've discovered HiFiTown. Outstanding dealers and personal hobbyists of all things in vintage HiFi. For 30 years we have specialized in the splendid sound of certain antique industrial cinema, HiFi, and all other sound reproduction / recording equipment.  Sourced from all corners of the world. But mostly stemming from America's golden era of manufacturing. The magnificent dawning of Western Electric, RCA Photophone, Langevin 1930's thru the twilight of high-end entering the 70s and 80s. Amps, preamps, alnico full range drivers, horns. All obtainable makes and types. And of course, supporting DiY supplies and materials. Authentic, OLD USA made parts, cloth wire, pre-war copperEither NOS or recovered from the original equipment. Only original era components can ensure the old sound, feel and ultimate enjoyment of your project. The items we have in stock are limited and no longer produced. Transformers, condensers - capacitors, resistors, coils, knobs, rare schematics, books and literature. We maintain a perfect reputation - currently (3) 100% 5 star accounts on eBay (12 years continuous). 100% SAFE PURCHASE.  FAST WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS OUR SPECIALTY. EMS - USPS Priority AirMail - discount FedEx freight - PayPal accepted. PERFECT Double box packing. We promise 99.9% safe arrival. Your happiness is assured. Sincerely, Early - mngr. HiFiTown.com / formerly Audiomart magazine, ending 2002.  

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Cloth 1920s to 1950s vintage rubber audio wire. Broadcast Western Electric shielded Photophone Jensen AuditoriumWestern Electric Shielded Interconnect wireWestern Electric oil CapsOriginal USA made audio tubes 1920s through 1960s

1930s Jensen Stephens Reproducers Peerless Chicago Transformer Inc. Altec 754B 757 403B 323B Amplifier

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Fisher K10 SpaceXpander Tube Reverb - full manual 10pgs

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A wonderful cloth bound manual. For the infamous Fisher K-10 spring, tele tube powered reverb. Used not only in hifi. Found employed in Hammond's finest... More