Audio Literature (Vintage 20s - 80s)

Rare and useful schematics, books and sales literature. Vintage sound reproduction dating from the 1920s ~ 1980s. Huge library. 

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1936 Jensen Imperial Brochure Auditorium Pedestal - PLM 18 Field Coil Drivers

CODE: lit

$60.00   $40.00
8 unbound pages of our very most scarce Jensen info! This is a careful reproduction of the original 1936 Jensen Imperial Reproducer catalog. Including... More

Fisher K10 SpaceXpander Tube Reverb - full manual 10pgs

CODE: lit

$40.00   $20.00
A wonderful cloth bound manual. For the infamous Fisher K-10 spring, tele tube powered reverb. Used not only in hifi. Found employed in Hammond's finest... More

Goldmund T-3 Tonearm Instruction Install 18pgs Studio

CODE: goldmund_t-3

$49.00   $38.00
Instructions and installation for the now super classic Goldmund T-3 Tonearm. Full 18 page book, from the late 1978-82 for operation, setup and... More

Goodmans of England, 1960 brochure 12 pages TwinAxiom, Axiom 80, TriAxiom speakers.

CODE: lit

$50.00   $35.00
Goodmans of England , circa 1960. 12 page full line brochure . Only one of these available now - old CLC reprint from our 35 year audio archives.... More
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Neumann Gotham Audio Full Line Microphone Catalog 8/1977

CODE: lit

$100.00   $60.00
The rare full line, 65 page, Georg Neumann / Gotham microphone catalog from August 1977. The only one we have on hand currently; an old CLC reprint... More
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RCA 1428 1443 Field Coil Driver Loudspeaker Mechanism Service & reassembly manual

CODE: litrca14281

$50.00   $46.00
6 pages of very valuable test and alignment procedure for the RCA MI-1428 and 1443 Field Coil drivers. Known as "fire hose" drivers as they have a... More

Sun Radio CR 10 6B4G Push Pull 12/24 page builder's manual + schematic / parts list / diagrams + 4 photo's for the Sun Radio CR-10 Push Pull 10 watt Triode 6B4G Amplifier: rare info!

CODE: miscsunradiocr101

$45.00   $35.00
{FREE SHIPPING on this info packet} “Ten-Watt High Fidelity All Triode Self-Bias Amplifier” dated 1948 — 12page (2 up so actually... More

The Vade Mecum 300 pg master tube substitution and pinout manual.

CODE: lit

$90.00   $50.00
The 1960s Vade-Mecum - the worlds most complete USA / British / Euro tube manual...ever. It's a huge book at 300 pages - just for tube... More
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