Horns & Drivers

Ampex AG 440 Remote Control studio multichannel tape recorder reel to reel RTR

CODE: ampexremote8

$200.00   $95.00
This remote is in fair cosmetic shape and untested . Check your use and compatibility first, to be sure it's right for you. The sticker on the base is not... More

matched pair Altec 329A cast horns for 288 hollywood or 291 16g 220hz cutoff vintage 1960s Rare Nice!

CODE: rcvrpraltec329a3

$3,800.00   $2,700.00
UPDATE, this is the last pair to be offered..(previous set sold within one week)..   Thanks to the request of many interested customers, HiFiTown is... More

Pair 1960s JBL 075 bullet tweeters matched w/red seals fully tested alnico magnet JBL C34 Harkness

CODE: rcvrprjbl07513

$1,000.00   $450.00
Looking for vintage, world class tweeters?  These are a good choice!  As JBL stated, "exceptional handling of transients" and... More

Pair 1960s JBL 075 bullet tweeters matched w/red seals, fully tested, alnico magnet JBL C34 Harkness Paragon

CODE: rcvrprjbl07517

$1,000.00   $550.00
Looking for vintage world class tweeters? These are a good choice! As an old JBL brochure once stated, the 075 has "exceptional handling of... More

pair Altec 808-8A Symbiotik phenolic drivers from 1973 nice matched sound

CODE: rcvrpraltec808

$425.00   $395.00
A pair of very nice Altec 808-8A drivers, circa 1973, both bearing the black Altec “Symbiotik” tag. Both units are mostly original, nice... More
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pair Electrostatic tweeters for AR1 AR2 AR3 Realistic Electrostat-3 tested pair from 1961

CODE: rcvrpairrealisticelectrostat31

$650.00   $490.00
A pair of 1950's ultra-tweeters -- a known and irresistible tweaky add-on to otherwise happy owners of classic bookshelf systems. These add form and... More

pair ElectroVoice Princess 2 way oiled walnut all alnico speakers from 1963

CODE: rcvrprevprincess1

$400.00   $300.00
A pair of rarely seen, compact speakers from EV's early 1960's line. The Princess uses special drivers that at the time were low production made only a... More

pair JansZen Model 65 Electrostatic cabinet top tweeters for AR1 w hardwood from 1961

CODE: prjanszenmodel651

$300.00   $150.00
A pair late of 1950's -- early 1960's JansZen speakers -- electrostic panels, a little known and irresistible cutting edge technology at the peak of HiFi... More

Pair JBL 075 bullet tweeters matched w/red seals fully tested alnico magnet from 1960s JBL C34 Harkness

CODE: rcvrprjbl07515

$1,000.00   $450.00
A nicely matching pair of vintage JBL 075 tweeters from the 1960s. They are in nice condition. Unit #2 has slight oxidation, see near finger (exhibit D).... More

Pair Klipsch K77 horn tweeters fully tested precision matched vintage 1985

CODE: rcvrprklipschk774

$300.00   $200.00
Seller Notes: “ Immaculate condition. Gleaming front horns, made of cast metal (not plastic like newer units). Both have matched Klipsch... More

RCA MI 12701 Portable Record Cutter Recorder Player Amplifier from 1939 Worlds Fair Era

CODE: rcami127011

$600.00   $450.00
Everybody who's ever collected and enjoyed vintage prewar RCA tube era audio will find interest in this offering ... espically those interested in top... More

RCA MI-1428B 1930's large 13 volt field coil driver

CODE: rcvrrca1428b3

$5,000.00   $3,900.00
Rarely is there a substitute for sheer size in audio. Therefore larger size diaphragms and powerful magnets usually produce more moving air. The RCA MI... More

vintage pair 1940s Lowell Omni spun Conical 360 degree 8" full range ceiling baffles

CODE: quadtubewe412a53

$750.00   $389.00
For a very short period during the late 1940s, industrial and architectural companies designed and installed 360 degree / omni-directional designs. Long... More
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