matched NOS pair UTC HJ-174 6.3V NOS pair preamp tube filament transformers potted 1960s

CODE: pwrtransprutchj1743

$200.00   $80.00
Fresh, sealed in boxes, from 1960s… UTC’s highest grade, mil-spec, hermetically sealed models. Perfect match in every way and never soldered... More

matched pair Triad HS-66 preamp line output input transformers HS 56 1960s era

CODE: transprtriadhs56v

$400.00   $350.00
“ matched pair of the now quite scarce Triad HS 66  transformers 1960s era. Fully tested, perfect stereo pair. Guaranteed safe arrival,... More

matched pair UTC H-21 Tube Input Interstage 1950s scope matched tested 1950s

CODE: transprtutce16783

$300.00   $275.00
A really nice matched pair of UTC Input & Interstage transformers … Milspec version of the H-21 (Hermetic sealed series). Both units were... More
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Pair 1960s Tamura Tama Radio TF 3W transformers 200 or 600 to 600 ohms output spit pri & sec

CODE: sigtransprtamuratf3a2

$250.00   $195.00
Removed from very old tube era broadcast equipment, many years ago. These are Tamura, 1960s era (also known as Tama Radio). One of the highest quality... More
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pair matched UTC Single Ended SE Output Transformers 2A3 6L6 25 watts NOS 1940s

CODE: transprutc832041

$1,200.00   $750.00
Rare find!  All matched NOS pair of 1940's, early days -- single ended UTC output transformers. Most UTC's this early are wonderful sounding - you can... More

pair RCA MI 1356 PhotoPhone cinema monoblock amps matched from 1950

CODE: pairrcami1356pp6l6

$4,000.00   $2,900.00
As I write this, I am listenting to these amps -- they sound really nice, it's getting late, and I don't want to turn them off :) (be sure to view... More

pair Triad HS-56V preamp line output input transformers nice from 1960s

CODE: transprtriadhs567

$400.00   $350.00
matched pair of the now quite scarce Triad HS 56 V transformers. Fully tested, perfect stereo pair. Guaranteed safe arrival, no DOA. Gleaming original... More

pair UTC A-16 Interstage pri 16k to sec 60k NIB mint!

CODE: sigtransprutca161

$250.00   $170.00
Pair of perfectly matching UTC A-16  pri 16k to sec 60k (typically used as an interstage, lots of other uses too).  A very nice opportunity to... More

pair UTC A-34 A34 transformers mint matched tested pair

CODE: sigtransprutca3414

$525.00   $400.00
*** Our last PAIR as of 9/14/11.... after this set, all sold out. Nice pair of matched and mint condition UTC A-34 transformers; guaranteed working... More

pair UTC Audio Interstage transformers 15k to split 80k -- very old & heavy black era

CODE: transprutce16781

$325.00   $275.00
Pair of brilliant, very old 1940s/early 50s high grade UTC Interstage, 15 to 80k (split secondary, so very versatile). All good coils see photo for... More

pair UTC LS 74 powers for LS 56 monoblock amps PP 2A3 6L6 6B4G Plate Filament 1950s

CODE: prtransutcls74

$800.00   $490.00
A rarified find for those planning to build their dream monoblock amps. Seldom seen matched pair of UTC's top- of-the-line LS power transformers.... More

pair Western Electric 171C audio output transformers 1940's tested Nice!

CODE: transprwe171c3

$5,500.00   $4,200.00
  From the apex of Western Electric's quality, a nice matched set of 171C output transformers, their finest post war audio output transformer. Built... More