Only antique originals - MADE IN USA, EUROPE or Gt. Britain / UK.

Very limited supply. Once sold, they are gone forever... all vintage rare stock from 1930s thru late 1960s.

All TUBES, happiness guaranteed:  thoroughly tested & plate current matched. Double checked on multiple calibrated testers. All tubes.. Deep vacuum, tight bases and no shorts or gas.  AVO VCM 163, TV-7, AT-1000, Jackson 648...then audio signal tested by ear and oscilloscope. Genuine antique type quality report .. signed by technician included with EACH tube in your order.

Fast Overseas shipping - including China, HK, Japan, Korea, Russia, & EU. 

Fast secure, double boxed with tracking #. 

HiFiTOWN does not sell reproduction or re-issue tubes, only authentic originals..ready to enjoy in your equipment.