Wire vintage 1930s - 1960s Shielded for Interconnects, Preamps, Amps, Mics

It's hard enough to locate vintage cloth wire. Even harder when you're building interconnects, or need to re-wire, restore or build a vintage preamp, amp, or mic. Shielded wire is best for this, and Western Electric (Bell Labs) inventend the concept of shielded wire in the 1920s. Starting nearly 100 years, Western Electic developed the best audio wire. By the 1930's and 40's, all audio companies including RCA, Jensen, General Electric -- infact, really every audio manufactuter used it. 

There's nothing like the real thing. Cloth braided, paper, tinned copper shield over cloth colored leads. If you are in the need for the real original product that carried tube amplified audio, this wire is it. 

Our stock is varied and unique. The wire sections you see come from antique tube era audio equipment and supply, leaving it in many different interesting lenghts, colors, types, thicknesses. Please review the photos carefully before purchase, and measure your application first. 

If you do not see the proper length for your needs, please email me directly :  -- orders@hifitown.com  -- and I will check for it in our stock.