Videos of vintage audio !! -->>

Here, we will be posting videos of actual items playing! Vintage components in the real. The conditions in which we demonstrate said featured component are very modest and undeniably real world! Usually on a test bench, with the following components: solid state integrated NAD 3020 circa 1979, Toshiba XR-P9 CD player circa 1987, and standard 30" test clips. Recording camera is a Sanyo VPC-CG10 with stock digital microphones (stereo) and a distance of 1 meter, give or take. Any FFT analysis shown will be sampled with Studio Six FFT on a handheld calibrated mic, at about 1 meter


While it may be seem absurd to the uninitiated, keep an open mind - as these videos are able present empirical, real world experience - especially if you know the sound of your home PC speakers. The truth is one can indeed derive an impression via the internet! Even through so much conversion, compression and intermediate transducing the originating sound characteristics will carry out to the end!  Remember, as you see and hear for yourself. Imagine what it may be like in person - it's only better - not worse! 

With time, we hope to carry out many valuable comparisons and reviews of uncommon, old, and great sounding speakers and amplifiers. You will see there are some true bargains to be had. For the first time you can hear & see the potential of timeless and detailed music reproduction.