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1936 Jensen Imperial Brochure Auditorium Pedestal - PLM 18 Field Coil Drivers

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8 unbound pages of our very most scarce Jensen info! This is a careful reproduction of the original 1936 Jensen Imperial Reproducer catalog. Including noted criticisms written in pencil by a 1930's era sound engineer. Very funny & critical comments of Jensen's sales / marketing claims. The 8 pages display the rarely seen pictures and immensely valuable Imperial B, C, D field coil models. It lists the components available these 1930s, 1st generation Jensen 2 way, and 3 way field coil systems. And, shows factory available driver sizes / impedances 12 - 18". Also covers the beautiful art Peri-dynamic deco wall baffles made at the time. Get this now as this is the only printed spare we have made for the moment. Mailed overseas in rigid Priority Mail envelope .