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Sun Radio CR 10 6B4G Push Pull 12/24 page builder's manual + schematic / parts list / diagrams + 4 photo's for the Sun Radio CR-10 Push Pull 10 watt Triode 6B4G Amplifier: rare info!

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“Ten-Watt High Fidelity All Triode Self-Bias Amplifier” dated 1948 — 12page (2 up so actually it's 24 pages) booklet + 4 modern color photos & bonus material if available (we'll select) — photos are of a properly built model. One of the best books here guys … This is it.. the instruction manual for building, biasing and maintaining a push-pull triode amplifier using the Altec Peerless S-240-Q , S530A “P series, or Thordarson T22S70 ! Output tubes in the design are 6B4G triodes and no feedback! One of the best purist circuits to build. Everything written is the gospel. Even the advice to kit owners / builders regarding good sounding speakers  (ie GE 1201D and the Jensen HNP 51 are suggested). This is an extremely rare, and easy to read DiY’ers masterpiece circa late 1940s before life got complicated. This is a SIMPLE booklet, all in english, typewriter pages with lots of pencil marks and a VERY CLEAN schematic (most important)…so to re-iterate: this is a old CLC reprint of a photocopy and it’s not beautiful but is entirely legible. The Schematic /parts and drawings are very sharp down to the finest detail. These amps' were from the perfect era o... the dawn of Hi-Fi’s golden age: 1948! No high powered fire bottles here....just late 1940's warm & glowing, broad shouldered directly heated triodes.  If you are planning on building a early design PP amp for fidelity; this is one of the best booklet’s you could own. Build it and you will have one of the very best PP amps ever. The story of this amp’s conception start’s before WWII actually. An article published by the outfit “Consumer’s Research” — detailing a low cost…very high quality, "higher" power triode (compared to SE of the day) based amp for audiophiles. Interest in the design persisted, so Consumer’s Research people eventually produced a kit… under the Sun Radio moniker. Kits could be ordered with any of the above transformers, the top line of course being the Peerless S-240 - Q series  (the deluxe!). You see these SUN amps around to this day. They are very rare and they have at this point made quite a name…from humble beginnings…not unlike the now astronomically priced and terrific Single Ended brethren; like the Brook 12A. You’re buying here…the 12page (2 up so actually 24pages) booklet + 4 color photos of properly built units (we once had, sadly no longer). All the info you will need to obtain correct parts and photo’s to guide the construction. Remember... buy this and any (1) other item in the Literature  section... you'll get free shipping, anywhere in the world! (select during checkout)