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matched pair RCA 2A3 triode tubes black plates boxes Strong tested 115% Nice!

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Hailing from around 1945. They're a fine example still, at this point of RCA's beautiful prewar quality. They are very much like the later Cunningham, with super brilliant side lower flashing, 2 bottom D getters, and tall, dark, chalky black plates (Not much changed during the 1930s till end of war.). These are the early versions of the ST shape glass. They were refined, and structurally much stronger and rugged internally (see exhibit G). Early balloon types were more prone to grid shorts, dead filaments and lost vacuum. 

 RCA by the late 1930s had completely refined this triode. These are the ones to buy if you want the best sound, and amazing reliability. 

 They are in brilliant condition, and are a near perfect match. Both ST bottles feature etched 2A3 letters (see exhibit D) ... and the very early Prewar RCA logo, in silver ink. The beautiful black oxide plates are 38mm tall, both tubes have gorgeous tight bases. The plates are matched, and mutual conductance is very close. For easy reference see Exhibit B & C for full test reports and a FULL LOAD EMISSIONS test -- they each read 115% of NEW (see exhibit B & C) (minimum  = 70).

An ideal set if you need spares, or to upgrade your SE triode amp. You can't do better than original US built tubes from this era. 

The original boxes are a bit dusty and worn at edges. To be expected of original boxes, they are about 70 years old. 

Tested in multiple lab calibrated tube checkers... and were played with audio frequency and found to be excellent sounding and very QUIET. You'll love these tubes, they appear to be new or very low hours. Guaranteed safe arrival and NO DOA. 

If you love the beautiful tone and midrange detail 2A3's can give you  -- it's worth seeking out these very old RCA versions...they bring a magical focus and sweetness -- not unlike some of the best large triodes in the world can do ... like the RE604 and various versions of the 300B.  The difference is nice 2A3's like these -- while getting hard to find, cost far less. 

 No shorts, perfect, NO DOA guaranteed. They are beautiful  construction, with dual lower D getters, heavy gloss painted yellow letters (perfect) and thick, shinny chrome flashing.


This beautiful matched PAIR set will sell very quickly. It's the nicest set you'll see anywhere. 

See our 100% feedback, to be assured SAFE PACKING & DELIVERY. These are likely the best RCA 2A3's in boxes .. and most throughly tested you'll see anywhere.  -- They will be TRIPLE BOXED for SAFE OVERSEAS shipment in strong 275lb triwall cartons. Please read our 100%, 5 star feedback. All happy customers. 

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