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RCA MI 12701 Portable Record Cutter Recorder Player Amplifier from 1939 Worlds Fair Era

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Everybody who's ever collected and enjoyed vintage prewar RCA tube era audio will find interest in this offering ... espically those interested in top quality 78RPM ..... A nice  MI 12701 portable record recorder and player complete except for pickup / arm, otherwise nice and all there! -- With it's special RCA MI 4889 recorder head stylus (same one found on RCA's far larger studio models -- just mounted on a simpler arm, see exhibit L at bottom ). 

This portable record cutter, features a very cool inset Weston audio level meter. Concealed inside the wood cabinet, a silver 1930's era modular chassis -- and all octal tubes, with cloth covered point - point wiring. This seldom seen 78RPM recorder and player was introduced at the peak of RCA's quality, during the late 1930's. These impressive portable cutters were presented at the 1939 New York Worlds Fair..... Right along it's side were the much larger studio record cutters, which look to have used he exact same cutting head -- with a more complex carraige and floating stabilizer.  the quality of these righly puts Presto recorders to a but of shame -- and they're more portable. The unit weighs in at an impressive 40lbs, and features an all-tube rectified power amp/ cutter and playback section on  a modular chassis -- the same construction and quality of RCA's other 1930's silver Pro Sound, like the MI 4297, and 4288 amps and other recording / mixing equipment like the OP-5 and OP-6 and BA-86 compressor. The heavy platter and and cast aluminum arm are true quality. 

All of these ultra cool, ultra nice sounding RCA audio products were introduced right before WWII (prewar, late 1930's), and were not made in large numbers -- after WWII everything was redesigned and miniature tubes shortly followed, making this ear of 1930's RCA audio record / playback very sought after by audiophiles and collectors. 

Missing playback arm.  Otherwise appears complete. Add your own quality arm and have a wonderful pentode tube powered 78 rpm heavy player / cutter.  The platter spins very smooth, turning freely for a nice, long time -- nice bearing. I was unable to power-on or test this unit, as the original rubber power cord was a bit cracked and has a loose connection. So, it did not power on and is untested. It looks great and complete inside (see exhibit B & C) and should be ready to run after just a tiny bit of cleaning and service.  It presents amazingly well, will look even better with a bit of cleaning and polishing ... even despite several minor cosmetic flaws, on the outside case, and a bit of oxidation on the top plate arounf the platter. The original natural rubber mat has a few marks but is present and still in fine shape.

 It looks handsome and features very art-deco influenced styling around the face (check exhibits A-G) .

Cosmetics are very good, (study Exhibits, large below A - F),  the exterior tolex covered wood cabinet has a few nicks and discolorations, the original handle is worn away, normal for it's nearly 80 year age (see Exhibit K & K). The platter freely turns for a long time, and all of the levers and controls feel very functional. 

Will be carefully double boxed, with support for platter and cutter head. 

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The document sheets shown in photo is included. 

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