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Marantz 10B tube stereo tuner nice original works 1960s

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In this day and age, it's surprising to know that one of analogue audio's best kept secrets is still a really, really nice sounding FM tuner. If your system is all set otherwise -- to your liking, with a good amp preamp final setup and nice sounding speakers - - then one of the best areas to improve your system is with a world class sounding tuner. Especially so if you are in a major metropolitan area with nice sounding independent and public radio stations that broadcast unique and impossible to duplicate quality programming. If you have really good stations, A terrific sounding FM tuner will bring great joy to your audio file existence. Out of many years of careful storage, from a family friend's estate - - that has been local and well cared for internal climate control -- a very original Marantz 10B, serial # 10-4074 -- comes as you see in photos … the reproduction documents shown are sure to view the demonstration video below.


  This tuner was serviced sometime in the early 1980s --about 32 years ago-- it was sold to a caring friend, he used it very sparingly for a short time and then it away in pristine storage for the next 30 years. I have used the tuner several times briefly for tests over the past five years and it seems to work pretty well. No doubt it will benefit from a technician's inspection and possibly minor surface cleaning or alignment if the new owner wishes. The display backlights seem to work, though may need some bulbs as they are very dim.  The Scope performs OK (see exhibit photo and video), though needs adjustments to be brighter. This tuner is as you see all original fresh out of storage - - so plan on a tune up at some time for top performance and reliability. As is, out of storage it works OK and sounds great (be sure to view the test video below). During my extended test, Right and Left channels sounded nice, and the dial turns smoothly and freely. With a short dipole antenna, the it pulled in stations both near, and very far away (20-70 miles away). I also tested with a nearby, mini FM transmitter, from a clean mono source, playing into - 2 channels-- the sound and clarity were excellent and you can really hear how clear and detailed this 10B is … (see end of video). Cosmetically presents beautifully in any home setting -- though it is not mint  (please study large exhibit photos below). There are several very minor cosmetic flaws to note; 1) a slight burnish on the far right edge of face (see photo) 2) Dial glass is dusty, behind glass and shows a mild haze. Letters behind glass are not perfect, The blue Stereo logo has a slight flaw (see photo below). 3) the top chassis is excellent. There is a tiny touch up scratch near scope tube, and Letters on chrome/stainless chrome sub-chassis are very slightly worn (see photo below). These blemishes are normal for the tuner’s age -- they are all minor -- overall this 10B presents beautifully, up close and in person.

 A joy to own, gaze upon and listen to in most any all tube audio system. Though working fine, the new owner, should plan on a minor service checkup. Traditionally over the years there were only a few Master Technicians that would work on the 10 B, now thankfully there are a few more of the younger generation that have become quite skilled at working on these - - and service and alignment services and documentation are all available. Before declaring the Marantz 10B as the best SuperTuner to own -- it's worth noting that there are many many really excellent tuners out there - - they just don't quite make it to the very top.  Some of these would include many models from HH Scott a company that specialized in tuners, as well as the Fisher FM 1000, as well as the Mcintosh MX series. . It took many years to perfect major Armstrong's FM technology - - and it was a great engineering feat tackled by only a  few companies. Firstly, major Armstrong himself working with the NY based REL company making the earliest and best produced in America at that time beginning in the late 1940s. REL first made a few powered receivers, dubbed the Green Monster which were commercial failures -- these receiver sounded really terrific. By the late 1950’s REL was on the skids...failing in business - - and went out ...not too long after major Armstrong's death -- their last great FM product, also on of the world’s best… the Precedent. When it comes to world-class FM tuners, there were  few made over the years; especially that qualify that very high, high bar. Even the most well heeled consumers of the 1950s and 1960s were plenty happy with mid-level high performance tuners (at first), mostly sold by Fisher and Scott. 
It took years for FM Stereo to mature enough in Metropolitian markets worldwide -- not until the very twilight of the tube era in the mid 1960’s.    It really took the wealthy or obsessive audiophile to even consider a tuner like the Marantz 10 B. To achieve it’s extreme level of performance, required amazing production quality, care and wiring some of the most complex tube circuitry … ever made up to that point for production HiFi.   By the early 1960s before the development was complete for this amazing flagship product - - it was already clear that the crushing influx of decent quality imported hifi  from Japan.  The all-american tube hifi sector was set back on it’s heels. The limited commercial success of the Marantz 10B was cut short. It’s the fate was already sealed. Rather than give up and cease production they proudly continued to produce the Marantz 10B at a huge loss.  After all, it was the highest quality tuner, ever for HiFi - - with the most ambitious circuitry of the time - - all accomplished with discrete tube circuitry the sound quality is phenomenal - - Ironically the need to construct such an elaborate all tube unit would be nearly eliminated just a few years later with transistorized and integrated circuits. This was best exemplified by Dick Sequerra’s FM1  also amongst the world's best. The FM1 is a bit less reliable - - and much trickier to repair - - not to mention all solid state, with Ic’s. By the mid to late 1960s Marantz facing financial ruin from the indelible quality standards held by saw and their engineers - - Marantz took what was perceived by many to be as the high road - - rather than OEM out their products to Japanese firms - - they simply became a subsidiary of Sony international - - then called SuperScope. With this arrangement in place, and with the highest respect and admiration by Sony executives, Marantz was able to keep producing many of their best flagship all tube HiFi items much longer then the market would have normally supported. By the late 1960s and early 1970s there were still a few all-solid-state US manufactured HiFi products being produced in Woodside New York, and later in Sunnyvale, California -- this included all of  finest, last of their USA designed products - - the model 70, the model 15 amplifier, hand they're high and tube line up which included the Marantz 10b tuner, the Marantz 8b dual 35, and the model 9 monoblock The Marantz 10B continued production for many years thereafter as the Sony considered it a pride of the fleet -- at least into the early 1970s. .. By the end of the decade,  the Japanese had learned. and rediscovered  its beauty and lovely sound. 
This is a nice looking survivor that works. After a bit of minimal cleaning and go over it will be worthy centerpiece of any classic audio collection. Study all of the large photos and test video below -- this one will sell very quickly, Buy Now to avoid a bidder's war. 
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