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QUAD Telefunken 12AX7 Ecc83 17mm smooth matched GM spares w/ boxes from 1950s 100%

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All 4 pieces test well and MATCHED. See precise GM & Plate Current readings in reports made on Calibrated Lab Tester at the full, fixed bias 250V, they play perfectly and are QUIET. Study the photos below ... it's the best matching set of these you'll see anywhere. A 4pcs are STRONG, test range range 100% dynamic emissions (or better) on ALL sides, they are nice low hours examples. (see exhibit B) They were boxes spares for HiFi estate preamp. The boxes are old and show many stains & wear due to age & storage (exhibit A, H). Some letters / logos are present, some are partial -- all (See exhibit C) All have diamonds in glass. This is a precision matched quad, see included reports, also see Dynamic Emissions test shown below for easy reference -- all sides are over 100% on a calibrated JAckson 648. (for more exact info, see full lab test reports for precision GM & plate matching data below, exhibit A,D,E,H). The QUAD Tested strong and quiet on multiple testers. And, played in preamp....quiet to ear - No microphonics. All papers shown are included. GUARANTEED WORKING WELL ON ARRIVAL, NO DOA.

NICE VINTAGE QUAD of gently used very strong early 1960s era Telefunken  12Ax7 (see beautiful photos of glass - exhibit E)  17mm (TALL) SMOOTH ECC83 tubes. These are all originals from the early 1960's - featuring genuine diamond bottoms, and cross seam tops - production during this era is quite legendary; as it was Telefunken's peak of quality.

Be sure to study the extra large photos below.

These are the exact tubes you will receive, and the only quad on ebay that includes a handwritten examination of each tube.  

All (4) are beautiful early examples of Telefunken produced tall, early 17mm smooth plate design. 

The 17mm smooth plates were the earliest incarnation of Telefunken's 12AX7 / ECC83 followed the later variations of the 17mm ribbed of the late 1950s...these original tall Smooth Tele's have some very positive sound attributes that the later German tubes don't always offer on...



This surviving quad is from the type first produced in the 1950s -- extending into early 1960s .... they're from a HiFi estate and are  beautiful. If you are a current owner of Telefunken 12ax7/Ecc83 "smooth" plates (or any other vintage type domestic/euro) then you totally owe it to yourself to try these Telefunken 17mm Tall Ribbed  plates! Nothing else sounds both quite detailed + creamy & rich or lasts as long.

In addition to being exceptionally smooth, these original's  are extremely accurate and faithful to the music. They were the favored choice of all of the best original HiFi manufacturers, like Marantz and Macintosh, (and Fisher) of the early 1950s thru early 1960s ... the golden era of home HiFi. Not to say the SMOOTH 17mm's are not outstanding need to experience both! 

Few 12ax7 tubes were ever constructed to this superior standard, the characteristics of the original Telefunken's are what all other tubes are measured against. They really sound excellent and annihilate any modern 12AX7 type

I recommend to all collectors and audiophiles that if possible, own one of every type of vintage Telefunken, Mullard and RCA if they can afford to do! (Not a bad idea, as they're also  excellent investments in today's markets.) 

You will of course find the famous "diamond" bottom on these...  note Exhibit E and F. These tubes are genuine West German production, Telefunken made these tubes dring the early to late 1950s, and the run ended sometime in the mid 1960s. They feature typical amazing Teleunken quality, thick top halo getter, smooth, thick shinny top flashing, tall heavily built plates and beefy mica supports.

The sound of Tele tall smooth plates is really wonderful. Many audiophiles and some guitar players favor them over the ribbed plate Telefunken of the mid 1960s (the ribbed variety is sometimes described as more crisp). Audiophiles also choose the 17mm smooth ....when you silk presence in the forefront; less edgy... and no colorations. These 17mm smooth these tubes last a long long time, the most durable and one of the worlds quietest 12ax7 types. 

The sound is definitely Telefunken pedigree, with all of that creamy, lush sweetness.

If your past audiophile experience was with the tall ribbed plate variety , give these 17mm smooth beauties a try  ... you may well like the delicate detail. For those who love the incredible long life that early german tubes give --These have the old world quality and will give any 12ax7a/Ecc83/7025 equipment wonderful definition in the vocal region. 

 All 4 pieces test well MATCHED for GM & Plate Current readings on Calibrated Lab Tester at the full, fixed bias 250V. Study the photos below ... it's the best matching set of these you'll see anywhere.  

A 4pcs are STRONG, tests range 100 to 110% realtive mhos (dynamic emissions) or better of new on ALL sides, they are low hours examples.  (see exhibit B). For precision lab numbers, refer to the included 

 As found amongst a cache of stored spares, from a HiFi estate, included are the old Telefunken boxes. The boxes are old and show many stains due to age (exhibit A, H). The early Telefunken tubes inside look beautiful and sound wonderful. 

Emissions test shown below for easy reference -- all sides are have strong dynamic emissions. (see full lab test reports for GM & plate matching data below, exhibit A,D,E,H). The QUAD Tested strong and quiet on multiple testers. And, played in preamp....quiet to ear -  No microphonics. 

They're guaranteed NO DOA -- and your happiness with these nice old tubes is easy to predict. Geniune vintage quality tubes always sound better, no matter your equiment. It's one of the "sure things" in audio. 

 These are the classics;  West German of the 1950s & 60s have long set the standard for 12Ax7 dual triodes ... a very clear, detailed sound come from these ... and absolutely one of the silkiest, sweetest 12ax7's you can own.  Plus, genuine early Tele's go forever as well, outlasting most...other brands of the era.  (they have superior build quality which equates to incredible lifespan) 

Study the large photos & reports below, and you can see they are genuine Tele tubes and in great, matched shape!  

Strong tubes, and they sounded great, when tested in a hifi audio amp -- QUIET and WONDERFUL..

 Gourgeous Tele's. The flashing is beautiful & shinny, pins are straight. White Ink, clearly marked West Germany (exhibit A,E),  they have partially missing LOGOS and  ink, .. see exhibit photos and descriptions below...  

The units are matched construction, 17mm smooth, top halo.

Likely the most throughly tested set now online ... anywhere ... especially stateside ... and so throughly checked out & fussed over QUARTET, all original made during the 1960s. 

A QUAD matched set like this is irresitable to both the collectors and audiophiles .... all over the world.

  These will surely sell quickly -- Buy now to avoid a bidder's war.

Documents shown in photos are included. 

Always carefully double boxed, and fast shipping with tracking #. 

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