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matched quad RCA 12Ax7A 7025 boxes ECC83 1960s all plates 110% the best old ones w/boxes

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 Fall update:   After a long hiatus, and lots of searching  ...  another set of these oldies was found.   They sound terrific, authentic and will certainly bring realism to your music.  Universally adored by all those who bought these (see our uber happy feedback comments!) -- they always sell very quickly and are seldom seen in such nice condition and so wonderfully matched. Buy now, to avoid a bidders war for lesser quality examples.

 MATCHED QUAD of  mid thru late 1960's, production RCA 12AX7A (the 14 mm / 1960's style 7025 grey plate design).  Study the large exhibit photos below of the actual tubes you will receive...astoundingly nice set.  

If you're shopping for a matched set of these, rest easy -- these are strong performers and wonderful sounding. These are the originals that have been sought after for years.  This is a near perfectly matched quad. Be sure to grab them soon -- as these will predictably sell out with lightning speed (see all the recent 100% , 5 star feedback on previous old RCA 12Ax7A's just like these -- super happy buyers! )..... 

Exhibit B -- shows actual listed tube (s) under test, dynamic emissions at full load for easy reference. All  (4) tubes / all  (8) sides read good and well matched! --   between 105%  - 110%,  (see test photo below). 

 They were tested, graded & matched for sound, low noise (audio and scope verified) and were also current matched (for balanced plates) on a calibrated lab tester at full operating plate 250V set on fixed bias.

In original, very early RCA boxes (see exhibit A) where they've been stored carefully for years. Quite old tubes, low hours, these were found amongst low use, boxed spares from an estate full of HiFi.  Just throughly checked using multiple testers and played with music.  Working well; quiet and matched, detailed and sounding great!  Guaranteed saafe arrival and no DOA, double boxed in the mail, with a tracking #.   See my detailed, 100% feedback on tubes. Buy with safety here and your happiness is always assured. 

This is a matched, QUAD set of authentic vintage RCA 12Ax7A type tubes. Original early / mid / late 1960s era inked logos, though sometimes the powdered ink is rubbed original off (see reports below) -- they all have the correct ETCHED-in-Glass 12Ax7A identification. 

They are the real McCoy, RCA's 12Ax7A / ECC83 / 7025 14mm plate tubes have become a staple for audiophiles and instrument players. You can count on great tone, and well balanced midrange detail you would never get from a lesser tube.

 The most throughly tested, closest matching QUAD you will see anywhere!  Please check my  recent 100% feedback above on these RCA 12Ax7A's -- all extremely, happy buyers. 

 Buying vintage RCA's is a sure path to happy listening .... a quad we sold (in under 12hrs after listing), went to a nice fellow in Italy who reported back.....

""Hi, everything arrived safely and I must confirm you that I'm extremely satisfied of the buy: the tubes are really excellent, smooth, quiet, musical: my poor Electro Harmonix have been swept away from the pre-phono, as expected !!! Thanks again and be sure I will check your site frequently from now on .... "

Another customer (USA) , excited with the results of his 1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb reported: 

""These 12ax7A's sound great in my 67 deluxe reverb, these tubes made a huge improvement thanks!""

There are many choices out there.... RCA was the leader in business, having really perfected the 9 pin mini, dual-triode package.  Nearly half of a century has now passed since this set was made. RCA masterfully made their dual triodes -- they literally wrote the book for so many designs. Imagine back then ... to the 60s til mid 70s  -- paint and metal thicker, and unforgettable industrial design and pure top notch materials. Quality is evident when you hold a 1960's era USA built tube between your fingers...
  Why are old tubes better?  Companies and workers had time  and resources to make them better. The now costly materials & labor were a non-issue. Back then you see -- it was really important to manufacture the very best possible tube .... they were a crucial device; the linch pin of yesteryear's technology....people learned that RCA tubes lasted longer than other brands, and that they had a nicer sound and a better picture (yes, TV's were tube back then too) .... customers remembered to ask for RCA next time!   
 They are what your amp / preamp was born to run.  And without the timeless quality these will render -- your rig may not sound it's best. 
 We've all been there. Expectaions of your amp fade.... happy already with the sound you're getting.  
How could it get any better? Then tired of de riguer, finally you make a tube swap .... Wow!! 
So how could these make such a difference ?!!?
The tube, particularly at voltage amplification / signal stage, gives equipment much of its inherent personality, clarity and is crucial for picking up all that detail you hear.   The tube is the active device, the part that does all of the work and receives all the wear. 
Very hard to find gems like this. Compare with other offerings ... and then study these .... the high fixed bias GM (mutual conductance, aka mhos)  and cool matching boxes --- you'll see these are the best online and that's why they will sell quickly.

Dealers all over can no longer find tubes like these.  For guitar amps -- they are some of the very best tubes you can use ...  this QUAD; is totally matched.  Plates are incrediblely close, strong functioning at full operating 250 volts eP -- .. they're are also all very close dates of production (see exhibit B,C & D for dates -- mid to late 60s). This later era, was refined into the 14 mm low noise plate design ... They're the very earliest incarnations of the 12Ax7A  .. all (4).  The 1960s & mid 70s encompassed the last of RCA's 12AX7A run .. (industrial version was 7025) -- they stayed the same late 50s til sometime in the early / mid 70s.  (see exhibit C,D,E).

Cosmetics are very nice .... flashing is very shinny & thick, idicative of gentle, low hours and a long life ahead. Study my photos, sometimes these tubes show darkness in the otherwise shinny top (it's noted on each tube's tag) - from a few hours burn in use, before packing or from the / low hours use matching procedure back in the day. All tubes in this QUAD are close, and will provide a very, very long life expectancy.  Sometimes the ink on old tubes have worn / missing ink & letters, RCA's  always  also have RCA's signature 12AX7A etched right into the glass (see exhibit B,C,D). Strong and super quiet (no microphonics), no gas or shorts. They were carefully checked and played with music -- for full details please read the reports in  exhibit A,C,D,E below for date codes and exacting test results. 

    Again, this is the super cool early version of the RCA 12AX7A, aka any place you've got for a 7025 or ECC83  ... you don't see A's ---- this clean and matched up ... pretty darn rare ... if you're collecting or planning to use in your old Fender or hifi amp or preamp -- and it calls for the low noise  ECC83 / 12Ax7A / 7025 --- here you go... probably the  best matching set you'll see on here for a very long time - hefty grey ribbed plates and 1x top halo and super thick mirror flashing . With closely matched ip & mhos  & dates -- you just don't see'em like this very often.   

Study the included tube test results in photos and you'll see just how nicely fussed over, clean and well tested these originals are!  

If you're currently a user of modern tubes then these will make a world of difference in your sound. They are a real upgrade and a treat for your ears -- an exciting purchase if it's your first time with vintage tubes. You will not regret it...  These tubes will sound cleaner, clearer and more overall detail / presence you can really hear in absolutely whatever gear you're running.   

  These are the real thing -- made in USA ---  very much old world quality.   They sound wonderful and as before, will sell very quickly (nice one's such as these always sell shortly after listing!). 

  Buy Now to avoid a bidder’s war.

Check my 100% feedback (check over what buyers have to say ... they love these vintage US tubes and I get allot of repeat customers, who don't hesitate to snap these up) ... always super fast shipping, and always super safe double box packing !!  

100% happiness assured on all tubes and old audio items.  Guaranteed to arrive safely, working, NO DOA.