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Western Electric 300B TV7 90 /min 58 TV7 nice with box papers D getter from 1949 108%

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“ a nice, gently used and excellent working WE 300B from 1949, features the oldest postwar style, single D getter, an early generation made after the prewar single ring getter was phased out. Our calibrated TV7 Tested  this tube as  very strong at around 90 (TV7 90 = approx 108%) (min 58 TV7 is about 70%). It also tested to have a GOOD projected life. Glass is nice and mostly clear from gentle, occasional use over the years. The base is  tight, no cracks, with yellow letters that are partially rubbed, and still legible. Includes papers and original WE box, that has some yellowing from years of storage.  Guaranteed Safe arrival, No DOA. 

A well cared for low use WE 300B --  1 tube, from a well matched, set circa 1949 (the 2nd tube will be listed tomorrow for the same price). This tube has the late 1940s single D (not double D) getter, both from October-November 1949.

 This was were carefully tested on a recently calibrated by Dan Nelson TV7, reading a near perfect match to it's brother at 90 / min 58 (where a min=58 TV7 = acual 70%, which means this tube is approximately 108%) No shorts and GOOD projected life.

This nice tube was carefully stored, as a spare for many years, by an audiophile as backup, and is working perfectly well (will be posting test video demonstration, see below). It had great performance, when tested in WE91 single ended amp, sounded excellent, I played loudly for 30 minutes, and did not want to turn off!  Just as you would expect early an early 300B's to sound -- Audiophiles seek these, the post war, "single D getter" and "double D getter" because they are built so well, they featured the most uniform construction and consistant quality, and over the years listeners noticed how wonderful they sound -- and for their extended lifespan -- D getters came after the WWII era round getter's.

See our 100% feedback, to be assured SAFE PACKING & DELIVERY. The default shipping service will be the eBay Global Shipping Program, which has full tracking and guaranteed delivery. Buyers can message me to request direct shipment via  EMS Express Mail service only (for increased safety). Will be triple boxed (see exhibit photo G), with several inches of cushion on bottom, top and all sides. 

(See test report and Exhibit B,C,D,E). The base yellow ink is some worn, most letters are still legible. As you can see from photos, it presents very nicely, with clear glass, and only slight signs of use.

  These are members of the single D getter generation, which ran from the late 1940s through the mid 1950s, featuring a 3 digit date code -- later double D units from the 1950s-60s featured a 4 digit date code.  The early tubes are ultra sought after by audiophiles and collectors -- the originals, nearly 70 years old, the real McCoy everybody wants. ...  Guaranteed NO DOA.  A real 300B can provide the detail and tone you can rely only on very old WECO triodes for.  Original production...

This tube sounds beautiful when played with music when tested in WE 91 single ended circuit at 5.2 volts filament.  Very good function, in the single ended circuit.  NO SHORTS, both checked perfect beyond 2 megohms in Jackson machine. ) Tests made in multiple calibrated testers, including a Calibrated TV/7 the world's standard for WE tubes.... GM (mutual conductance) (TV7 minimum is 58 which is 70%, ) -- the tube reads 90 (which is around 108%). 

For easy reference, see Exhibits (B,C). This is a gently used tube, both scoring a VERY GOOD projected life. A test in which tubes are tested under reduced filament voltage.

The original era of the O getter arrangement (begininng in the engraved base 1930s,  until the mid 1940s, when WE abruptly sswitched to 1x lower "D" shape, which remained until the 1950s. Early 300B's are getting quite scarce now. This is one of the best sounding postwar 50s-60s era 300B's to own. 

    Vintage Western Electric's are the king of triode sound - you will hear enhanced clarity, great tone, agile pitch - all the while maintaining legendary smoothness. 1950s 300B's generally test stronger and produce even better quality audio than triodes of the  later production. Collectors know originals are for the keeping and using!

This beautiful tube will sell very quickly.

This is one of the best tested, and nicest original 300B with box you'll see anywhere.  Packed in original type WECO  cotton excelsior and boxes -- will be TRIPLE BOXED in strong 275lb triwall cartons.

Please study photos below. SAFE PURCHASE, 100% - *** Domestic or OVERSEAS OK. FAST SHIPPING, WILL DISPATCH IMMEDIATELY after PAYMENT -- OVERSEAS OK, FULL TRACKING number via email after shipment.

Guaranteed working on arrival, no DOA.