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Western Electric 287A 4uf 400V oil capacitor NOS condensers tested QUAD VINTAGE matched from 1960s

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 Rare find!  All matched 4pcs, a QUAD set ...  nice NOS early units ... all from late 1950s and early 60s (see year codes on tags) ... genuine over 55 years old.  They are NOS/NIB oil capacitors from Western Electric tube audio equipment, the Bell System  ---  absolutely beautiful letters and shinny original grey paint, they have some few nicks and blemishes from storage, they look, test great and the paint feels nice (see Exhibit A,C,D,E) They're very old and rare these days -- jump on them if you need the best oil caps!  This is a matched & tested set, nicest you'll see anywhere.  Study exhibit (B) to see an actual unit(s) and under HV & ESR test (no leaks), all 4pcs.

 Great looking, BEAUTIFUL paint (see exhibit B,C,D,E), only a few extremely minor nicks & scrapes from storage over the last 40 + years.  Perfect for amplifiers, preamplifiers and crossovers.  They have tested at FULL operating 400 volts on Sencore tester. All (4) WORKING great , thoroughly checked out and found to be PERFECT - no leaks, low ESR, and verified 4uf capacity ! These are good sounding, timeless quality, and craftsmanship, these exact Western Electric oil caps are sought after by audiophiles world over... Buy them and you'll own for a lifetime.  

See reports (Exhibit B,C,D,E). These are the sealed terminal / bakelite lug / hook end type that all tube amp DiY builders want -- because they will last forever, withstand punishingly high voltage (WE ratings very conservative)  and the sound is known to be wonderful, pefect for all vintage power supplies and single ended, push-pull amps / preamps, and sought after -- the perfect value for many speaker crossovers. These are the real thing, with all the legendary quality and durability of genuine oil caps  --- they may outlast our children. These are some of the last NOS old units to be found in the USA. Stored carefully for many years. Very rare now and you won't see again and you cannot find them elsewhere in such throughly tested and nice condition (NOS).

These are very rare nowadays. This QUAD set will sell very quickly within hours. Buy now to avoid a bidder's war.  

Useful in many ways for your vintage audio projects...and the original WECO sound. Cherished by amp & preamp builders all over the world. Excellent for crossover / speaker projects where audio quality is crucial.   Very difficult to find in MINT Condition and completely tested. Includes original brass WECO mounting hardware (see exhibit B). 

All 100% happy customers, see feedback & testimonials.  Double box packing. Fast overseas dispatch.